It Is What It Is, with The Jackass! Episode 83: Fate of the Star Wars Shake Up

This week on a packed episode of #IiWiIJA, the Jackass BC is talking about the recent WWE Superstar shake up! He gets into who won the trades, and what show made out better overall! Plus its time for Star Wars Celebration! We are previewing what’s to come this weekend, and a review of The Fate of The Furious! All this, plus Box Office predictions, give aways, and more!

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Frozen: The Dark World

Let me start by saying I really hated Snow White and The Huntsman. It was a boring mess of a film. If you can even call it a film. It was more of a series of images pasted together without a legit story or even a real reason to propel you toward the next image. That said I went to The Huntsman: Winter’s War with a bit of low expectations. Figured what the hey, let’s go check out three insanely hot girls, and Thor in the live version of Frozen Meets The Dark World. However, not only did I find myself laughing at the one liners, and smiling throughout the film, I found myself invested in the characters! Could it be? Was this actually a good movie?

Actually, no, it is not a good movie, but it is not bad. It can be entertaining, and dare I say, worth the money. I had fun in it. The story is not complex or deep by any means, and there are enormous plot holes, but it did what a film should do, and that is being entertaining.  I never found myself bored, or wanting to check my watch. While it is not something I feel I need to own or see again, it was definitely a good time at the theater.

The number one thing about this The Huntsman is obviously the cast. It stars Emily Blunt, Thor, Charlize Theron, and Jessica Chastain. While Blunt is mailing in her performance a little bit, even when she does that she is incredible. Years ago when I first started my movie awards blog, I created an award for Charlize Theron called “Crazy Chick of the Year” and I gave it to her for Snow White and The Huntsman. And I’m not going to lie; I think she deserves it again. She gives this witch such a complete edge of crazy is awesomely fun to watch. Other stars include Nick Frost reprising his role as one of the seven dwarfs. He and his brother, played by Rob Brydon, are responsible for the most of the laughs with their quick witted one liners

The other major positive is the great chemistry between Thor and Jessica Chastain. These two are great together. While Thor is a compelling ad fun actor, his near trademarked smirk helps drive the belief in these two. I would really like to see these two in another project together. Light Bulb! Chastain needs to join the Marvel Universe. As an Asgardian of some sorts. Either way, they need to be put in another project together, one where they can really shine. Another positive is an uncredited role of narration done by Liam Neeson. Don’t let it bug you as it did me, it is Liam Neeson!

Now it is not all good. There are major story holes. And if you have seen too many of the trailers, the writers, and probably director, made a few mistakes. While the trailers gave away many of the plot points, they continue to try and hide these storylines as the film goes on. Like we were not going to notice. As well the reveal for the return of the Theron’s dead character is a pretty weak plot device. As if they couldn’t come up with a reason to bring her back, but had to have her back because they had her under contract. And if you have Charlize Theron, you find a way! Even if it is as bad as this.

The cinematography and CGI were pretty lackluster too. CGI especially. While the ice scenes are pretty cool, there is a scene in the middle of the film, that didn’t need to be there, but involves Goblins. These Goblins have terrible CGI and are completely too cartoony. The action scenes shift back and forth from being shot acceptable, to being done with extreme close-ups that make them hard to understand who is fighting who.

Most of these issues I feel steam from new comer in the director’s chair, Cedric Nicolas-Troyan. His storytelling is all over the place, and his action sequences are weak. Not to mention the fact that he has Emily Blunt who is noticeably mailing it in. Hopefully this guy will take a step back and work with a few smaller films before trying to tackle another big budget film.

This will feel weird to say, but the film also missed Kristin Stewart’s Snow White. Mainly because there is a body double for one seen, that was obviously not her, and the many mentions of her character, without actually having her there hindered the film more then helped it.

All in all I actually enjoyed watching this film, despite its many flaws. It has made me really want another film or project involving the Mighty Thor and Jessica Chastain. As well it was fun to see Charlize Theron step back into this crazy witch of a role. And Even if Emily Blunt is sleeping walking through it, her sleep walking is better than most when they are fully awake.  Maybe it was my low expectations, maybe it was the company I was with, but I had a good time. Maybe not good enough to give it a great score though. I am scoring Huntsman: Winter’s War and 1.8, with a Jeebus bonus of .3 for the chemistry between Thor and Chastain. That gives us a Jeebus Score of 2.1

The Jeebus Score explained

The Jeebus score is out of a possible 5 points with a .5 bonus. Films are giving a max of 1 point each for Entertainment Value, Story/Writing, Performance, Direction, and Production. There is also a possible bonus up to .5. Any film between 2.5 and 4 is considered a good film. 4-5 is a great film. Anything over 5 is an incredibly amazing film. To get a perfect score of 5.5 a film will pretty much have to be The Empire Strikes Back or The Godfather.


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God of Thunder vs The Great White Whale

It’s the god of Thunder, vs the ruler of the sea. The Mighty Thor has once again traveled to earth, and is pitted in the fight for his life against the great white whale! No but seriously, its Thor vs the whale that inspired Moby Dick? And he has Spidey along for the ride, as well as the Scarecrow before he went mad! That is awesome! Chris Hemsworth, Benjamin Walker, Cillian Murphy, Tom Holland, Ben Whishaw, and Brendan Gleeson take to the sea in Ron Howard’s new film.

In The Heart Of The Sea tells the tale of the of the crew of the whaling ship The Essex in 1820 as they encounter a whale of monstrous size that leaves them stranded at sea. With nothing but heart to carry on they fight to survive the deadly ocean, all while being stalked by the monstrous beast below. A true story that inspired the incredible story we know as Moby Dick.

First off this is a great movie; I see why they pushed the release back to December in hopes of Oscar buzz. It could garnish sum. I don’t see it truly winning any Oscars, but it definitely could sneak in for a nomination or two.

There are two main stories going forward. The first being Herman Melville (Whishaw) pursuing Thomas Nickerson (Gleeson) in the twilight of his life about the story. These scenes were so well done. SO much heart portrayed by Gleeson has he recounts the horrific tale to the would-be author. They really found a way to make what could have come off as boring dialog, very intriguing and riveting. These two grew a bond in being the only person to truly recount the entire story, to the only person to hear the true story.

Then they return as the film grows to the action. This will go down as one of Thor’s best performances I think. It will rank up there with Rush. The fearless first mate fights to prove once again he is worthy of the captains title, while a young captain (Walker) furiously begins his own legacy to his legendary name. The crew fight hard, none more than young Nickerson (Holland) the cabin boy, looking to grow up, maybe a little soon. The tension is high, the drama is deep, but it’s fun. It literally had me on the edge of my seat as the story unfolded. It even made me want to go read Moby Dick. Imagine that.

The visuals are beautiful, in the scenes at sea, there are times you dive under sea and see dozens of whales. And it is amazing to see. However the problems lie in the green screen. Terribly noticed green screen. You see this amazing whale, that looks amazing, but it never feels like he is really there. There is not a ton of character development early on, so you don’t really identify or connect to the characters other Tom Holland’s character.

All in all this is a pretty cool film. I don’t think it will ultimately get any Oscars, but it may get a few noms. It gets slow at times, and you don’t feel the weight of the situations. The portrayals are good, and whale is cool, and there are good times to be had. I’m giving it a Jeebus score of 3.5. But what say you Jackass Nation? Have you read Moby Dick? Are you excited to see Thor vs the Whale? Sound off in the comments below, and remember, it is what it is!

The Jeebus Score explained

The Jeebus score is out of a possible 6 points. Films are giving a max of 1 point each for Acting, Entertainment, and Casting, and a max of .5 for Dialog, Cinematography, and Direction. There is also a possible bonus up to .5. Any film between 2.5 and 4 is considered a good film. 4-5 is a great film. Anything over 5 is an incredibly amazing film. To get a perfect score of 6 a film will pretty much have to be The Empire Strikes Back or The Godfather.

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Hollywood Road. A review of Vacation.

I have a very fond memory of the National Lampoon Vacation series. This will probably lose me some credit, but I am even a huge fan of Vegas Vacation. I remember watching it when I was younger and just thinking to myself how much fun it would be to be in Vegas with the Griswold’s. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen Christmas Vacation. I watch it on repeat every year. And of corse the Original Vacation. One of the all-time classics. So I was very excited to see that the franchise was not getting a reboot, but a continuation. With Rusty taking his family on vacation. I was not excited while watching this film.

Starring Ed Helms, Christina Applegate, Skyler Gisondo, and Steele Stebbins, Vacation is the semi re-quel to the long running Nation Lampoon Vacation franchise. This go around Rusty Griswold (Helms) has decided to take his wife (Applegate) and their two boys (Gisondo and Stebbins) on a cross country vacation to the legendary Wally World. Along their way things don’t necessarily go according to plan, and against the families’ wishes, Rusty is determined to get them to their destination.

Sounds fun. It is not. Nearly every single joke is in the trailer. In between those are just long periods of boredom. With a few minor jokes that rarely ever hit. Not to mention every single punch line is predictable. Not to mention it is filled with nothing more than over done toilet humor that we have all seen before. It was funny 15 years ago; it is no longer funny Hollywood. As I said, each joke is in the trailer. Which a lot of comedies do. However in most comedies, though the joke is in the trailer, the film normally expands on said jokes. Giving you more or a different version even of what you have seen. Vacation doesn’t even try to do so.

There are a few chuckles to the film. I wouldn’t say I didn’t laugh at all. Just, very little. As well casting was pretty good. While Ed Helms pretty much does what Ed Helms does. He is more or less the same as always, just without Bradley Cooper and Zach Galifianakis. This makes him a lot less funny. But I still saw Rusty Griswold, not the same 4 different versions we’ve son, but again, the son of Clark. Christina Applegate is fine in her role, and always beautiful to look out. The break out is the youngest boy, the few laughs I had he was one the major reasons. As well Thor, Chris Hemsworth is hilarious. Again you see everything with him in the trailer, but it’s still funny.

I almost gave Vacation a bonus for Chevy Chase and Beverly D’Angelo’s cameos, but it just wasn’t enough. My excitement for seeing them was whisked away after their minor cameo and I was brought back into the unfunny world I was in. So all in all Vacation is getting a Jeebus Score of 2.3. But hey, all film is subjective, especially comedy. Maybe you found it funny Jackass Nation. What did you think? What is your favorite of the Vacation films? Sound off in the comments below, and as always, keep on nerding.

The Jeebus Score explained

The Jeebus score is out of a possible 6 points. Films are giving a max of 1 point each for Acting, Entertainment, and Casting, and a max of .5 for Dialog, Cinematography, and Direction. There is also a possible bonus up to .5. Any film between 2.5 and 4 is considered a good film. 4-5 is a great film. Anything over 5 is an incredibly amazing film. To get a perfect score of 6 a film will pretty much have to be The Empire Strikes Back or The Godfather.