The Drop

The Drop. The final film of the late great Tony Soprano. Or James Gandolfini for those of you who did not watch the Sopranos. The Drop is a new film about a “Drop” bar in Brooklyn. Based on Dennis Lehane’s 2014 novel of the same name. Lehane also wrote the film, while Michaël R. Roskam is the director of the film. The Drop stars Tom Hardy, Noomi Rapace, James Gandolfini, Matthias Schoenaerts, John Ortiz, and James Frecheville.

The Drop sees Bob Saginowski (Hardy) and Cousin Marv (Gandolfini), who run a bar that Marv once owned. The bar happens to be drop bar used by gangsters and mobsters, and drug dealers to drop their dirty money for other parties to pick up. Bob seems to be the type that just does his job and minds his business while Marv misses the old days. Bob runs across a puppy that has been beaten and left in a garbage can. While learning to care for this dog he meets Nadia (Rapace) who helps him. Meanwhile notorious thug Eric Deeds (Schoenaerts) comes to town. After Cousin Marv’s bar is robbed things begin to go downhill for everyone involved.

First off I was really looking forward to this film ever since I had heard about it. To be completely honest, I never watched the Sopranos, but I promise I want to, and I plan to. That said, Gandolfini was one of finest actors working the game. This film can really make you see what a tremendous talent he was. He is great in the film. Tom Hardy delivers another incredible performance as well. Hardy is building quite a resume. It is only a matter of time until he has an Oscar or two, or three. His character is so quiet and reserved, but thru his performance you can tell there is something dark to the character. As well his chemistry with Noomi Rapace really adds to the film. The two really sell the story.

Now it can be a little slow, especially during the first act. It takes it’s time, and is a slow build to its characters and story. Like I said during its first act is when it tends to be the slowest. You don’t really know where the story is taking you. But as the 2nd act starts to come around, though it still takes it’s time you begin to become attached to the characters. The story is not exactly the vision you perceive from watching the trailers. In my opinion though I liked it where it takes you.

The direction and cinematography are spot in this film. It shot beautifully. I’m not sure if it was shot on location in New York, but if it wasn’t they fooled me. Leaving the theater I thought to myself bout how much I missed New York. I love that city. The script was very strong. It’s all done up when it comes to the dialog. It is very real. It all seems like conversations I’d be having with friends. At times cheesy, but cheese that makes it seem real.

All in all, The Drop is a great film, Hardy is phenomenal, and Gandolfini is incredible in his final performance. I scored the film a Jeebus Score of 4.1, a Good time at the theater!