Let’s be Cops

Let’s be Cops

So I think back in 2007 someone watched Superbad, and had a lot of fun watching Seth Rogen and Bill Hader. I think they probably woke up the next morning and say, man that would be fun to be Cops like those guys. We should be Cops. Or better yet, let’s make a movie about guys trying to be cops! And so, let’s be Cops was written.

Let’s be Cops stars the son of Damien Wayans, Damien Wayans Jr. Jake Johnson, Nina Dobrev, Andy Garcia, Rob Riggle, and James D’Arcy. The film was written, produced, and directed by Luke Greenfield. The story follows to best friends (Wayans Jr and Johnson) as two average Joes who end up pretending to be cops due to a lack of excitement in their lives. Hey end up in too deep when they get wrapped up in a dirty cop conspiracy involving a truly dangerous arms dealer.

The film is mildly predictable yet pretty funny. It is definitely not the funniest of the year, but it is still a good film. As with most comedies, I was sitting in the film for the first half hour chuckling, but in my head saying “well that was on the trailer, that was on the trailer, so was that” but then, in the 2nd act of the film, something happened. The trailer ended. And it became a film with new laughs I haven’t seen! It is extremely enjoyable after that. It is nice to see a comedy that actually didn’t give away 90% of the film in the trailer.

The best part of the film is obviously Wayans Jr. and Johnson’s chemistry. The two work together on Fox’s New Girl, so they already have the history together. You see these two on film and they just fit. You feel the best friendship between the two. Nina Dobrev plays the love interest to Wayans Jr’s character, and she is very good in the film. And extremely hot I must say. The big surprise is Andy Garcia. I didn’t even realize he was in this film! Not something I would expect to see him in, but at the same time, he was incredible as always.

Let’s Be Cops does have its problems. The script is very choppy, and the pace can be a little off. There are times when the jokes don’t hit as often as you would like. And obviously, as it seems to be basically believable, there are a few moments when you say to yourself “This could never happen”. But for the most part it is a very fun film.

All in all the film is fun. It is one that you can check out in the afternoon if you don’t have anything going on and walk out entertained. The young cast look to have bright futures. Nina Dobrev, and Jake Johnson are a lot of fun to watch. Johnsons’ rather dry humor is entertaining, and I look forward to his career going forward. And Dobrev, she can be a major Hollywood babe. Just takes a few good roles. I am a huge fan of Damien Wayans, and Jr is a splitting image of him. He has very good comedic timing. Just like his father. I’m giving Let’s be Cops a 3.6 on the Jeebus Score, Check out the Matinee.