Inside Out

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Inside Out

Let me start off by saying I love Pixar! Toy Story is probably one of my favorite trilogies of all time. People have said that Pixar has fallen off, and honestly, other than Cars 2 and Brave, I don’t see it. I cried in the first 2 minutes of Up. True Story. So I could’ve not seen a single bit of promotion for Inside Out and I would have still been excited for it. And believe you me, maybe I’m bias, but it did not disappoint. I would not be surprised to see this one on the list for best film at the Oscars. Best Animated? That’s in the bag; I’m talking nominated, best film of the year.

So Inside Out stars Amy Poehler, Phillis Smith, Lewis Black, Bill Hader, Richard Kind, and Mindy Kaling. It is written and directed by Pete Doctor, and the film is set inside the head of a young girl named Riley. Inside her head live the emotions that run our lives, Joy (Poehler), Anger (Black), Disgust (Kaling), Fear (Hader), and Sadness (Smith). We follow a tale of these 5 emotions as they try to lead her through a new tough time in her life. When Joy and Sadness are pulled away on an adventure through her subconscious, Anger, Fear, and Disgust are left to run the ship. Can Joy make it back in time before Riley is lost forever?

This movie is incredible. It is by far one the smartest films I have ever seen. It is so deep, and intelligent that it will literally pull on every heart string and emotion that you have. Inside Out will certainly be regarded as an instant classic. The story is so deep, and has so many levels that you are completely drawn into this world and no part are ever really taken out of the film. A movie that you will want to watch, with the family, over and over again. This will go down in the books on the level of Toy Story, Up, Finding Nemo. Pixar shows why they are top dog in the animation game.

That’s not to say this isn’t a kids movie. Children will love it. A lot of the jokes will go over their heads yes, but it’s something that they can enjoy, and not with stupid jokes that some kids movies force on you. This is a film that will grow up with them as they view it multiple times. It’s will serve as a learning point, something that helps them understand all the different thoughts they get as they grow up. And as they grow up, they will learn to appreciate it more and more

I had one issue, while it was beautifully shot, and the animation is perfect, I wasn’t a fan of a little bit of pixilation they chose to have resonate off the emotions. Nitpicky right? Yes I know! There aren’t really any downfalls to Inside Out. The casting was perfect, aside from Lewis Black, you don’t really notice the voices at all, and you identify each actor as that character. Black is just so associated with anger, with such a distinct voce that you always hear him. But that not a negative. HE IS ANGER! When I’m angry, I already hear Lewis Black in my head, so that kind of works, perfectly.

Another thing I will have to mention is the Short before the film. Pixar has always been on par with their shorts that run before their movies. And this one is no different. It is not Disney’s Feast by any means, but it is very clever and fun. It is called Lava and is more or less a music video about two volcanoes. Unlike when I cried in Feast, I did not cry during this one. I did almost tear up though…..

So that’s Inside Out. A film you need to go see. I’m giving it two bonuses. A .2 for Lewis Black as Anger, and a .3 for making me cry, MULTIPLE TIMES! That’s right. I cried, on more than one occasion during this film. It’s touching. It has also sparked me to write an editorial which I hope to get done this weekend about why I love film. Back to the score, that’s a .5 bonus that when added to the films 5.0 rating, we get a Jeebus Score of 5.5! So what say you Jackass Nation? Are you excited for Inside Out? What is you’re favorite Pixar film? Let me know in the comments below! And keep on Nerding!

The Jeebus Score explained

The Jeebus score is out of a possible 6 points. Films are giving a max of 1 point each for Acting, Entertainment, and Casting, and a max of .5 for Dialog, Cinematography, and Direction. There is also a possible bonus up to .5. Any film between 2.5 and 4 is considered a good film. 4-5 is a great film. Anything over 5 is an incredibly amazing film. To get a perfect score of 6 a film will pretty much have to be The Empire Strikes Back or The Godfather.