Guardian of the Galaxy


THE GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY TRAILER IS HERE! I can’t tell you How excited I was for the GOTG trailer to be débuted! And James Gunn did not disappoint! The film looks like amazing! Action packed and filled with the comedy we have come to expect from the Marvel Cinematic Universe!

I was worried about the casting of Chris Pratt but over the last year or so I have become a fan of Pratt. He was the best thing that Vince Vaughn’s Delivery Man had going for it, and was phenomenal in The Lego Movie. As well I was defiantly confused at why Marvel would cast Dave Bautista as a lead in the film that will in turn, lead us into Avengers 2. But after Riddick, and this trailer, it makes a little more sense.

I get the feeling we are going to be introduced to a whole new world in the MCU. Thor started it opening up the cosmos, and now GOTG will continue on that path, which could lead us to Planet Hulk one day! All I can say, is that I am very excited, and ready for August 1!