Brick Mansions Review

Brick Mansions Review

Brick Mansions, a remake of District 13, a film about Parkour and corruption in Detroit. The Film is Paul Walkers final full film before his passing. It also stars the original star of District 13, David Belle, RZA, and some other actors and actress’ that are laughable and forgettable. If you cannot tell by that, then just so you know, I was not a fan of this film.

Brick Mansions is about a future Detroit, where the projects have become too much for the city to bare. A wall is constructed around them and they are left to govern and live their lives on their own. However, that doesn’t stop the Detroit government from being corrupt and dealing with the city. Lino (Belle) is a good man living in the city, who ends up locked up because he is on the wrong side of corruption. Damien Collier (Walker) is a cop out to avenge his Father’s death at the hands of Brick Mansions self-proclaimed leader Tremaine Alexander (RZA). As the fight for the city and good people trapped inside ensues Lino and Collier must decide whose side they are really on.

With the possibly the dumbest story and even dumber finish, Brick Mansions is just not good. The 3 main stars are ok. All though RZA is still in no way a decent actor, his performance isn’t as terrible as past films. Belle and Walker have great chemistry, and are actual very good in the movie. Other than them I can’t tell you a single person that was in the film, nor do I ever want to see them again. But, I will say, as a wrestling fan, I totally marked out Kurrgan. He was awesome. The film isn’t all bad. The action was choreographed pretty cool, especially incorporating Parkour. Paul Walker is actually the best thing in the film. Brick Mansions is definitely not so bad that you never want to see it, or that I felt bad for seeing it. It’s kind of in that wow this is so bad it’s kind of entertaining. You have fun watching.

Paul Walker is honestly the absolutely best thing about the film. It kind of makes you realize how much we are really going to miss him going forward. The put up a picture of him at the end of the film and dedicated movie to him. Mad respect to them for doing this, true class.

When it comes down to it, I gave Brick Mansions a Jeebus score of 1.6 with a bonus of .2 for Paul Walker’s performance, bringing us to a full score of 1.8. You’ll see this one on Foxx a lot. Cause, well you know, they have the “movies”.