22 Jump Street Review

22 Jump Street

21 Jump Street was arguably the best comedy of 2012. Bringing in a grand total of $201,585,328 on a budget of only $42 Million. It was destined to have a sequel. The problem is when comedies try to recapture the magic they produce with a sequel, they tend to basically make the same movie. Same jokes, same story, same situation. And 22 Jump Street does just that. Channing Tatum, Jonah Hill, and Ice Cube return, with directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller returning as well. Nearly the same plot, and nearly the same jokes. Problems is, this sequel that is the same story as the original works perfectly, and fires on all cylinders!

The best part of 21 Jump Street was that it didn’t take itself to seriously. It knew it was a washed up remake of an old TV show. It poked fun at the fact that Hollywood has “ran out of ideas and are just rehashing the same old stuff” This film takes that theory to the an entire new level. Calling itself out for being a sequel, when sequels are notoriously weaker than their original counter-parts. As well as the fact that they are literally giving us the exact same story, with very minor twist. They literally remind you every chance they get that you are in fact watching a movie you have seen before. This self-aware comedy has been used before, even though it doesn’t always work properly. The Scary Movie films do it over and over and over and yet those films are terrible. 22 Jump Street however does it flawlessly.

The cast all returns and are phenomenal together. Tatum and Hill’s chemistry together is incredible. When it was first announced Tatum was going to be in the first film, I was definitely skeptical. Channing Tatum, in comedy? That’s not a good fit. But now, I couldn’t imaging these films without these two together. Tatum comedic timing plays off of Jonah Hill so well, you forget that these two are the superstars that they are and you buy into the characters themselves. Ice Cube has a much bigger role in this go around, and he honestly steals the show. Two of the best scenes in the film are centered around Ice Cube. He is goes all out, and it is a hit. There are a lot of cameos, if you can call them that, or pop ups. Peter Stormare plays a villainous role like only he can.

There aren’t very many negative points to the film. I guess it can drag a little at a few times, but you need the down time to stop from laughing and take a little break. And when it does start to drag, it is defiantly not for long. Sure you’ve seen the story, you’ve heard the jokes, and you’ve seen a nd heard it Al by the same cast and movie. But like I said, it works, incredibly. That said, this far, I have to call 22 Jump Street the best comedy of the year, I gave it a Jeebus score of 4.6 with a .4 bonus for 5.0, Multiple Viewings Required!