The Interview

The Interview, Because ‘Murica!

The movie that has nearly started World War III, The Interview. There was a pretty big question on whether or not this film would even be released. After a terroristic threat, most theaters had decided not to show the film. Then Sony decided not to release it. Less than 48 hours later. The internet broke with both outrage and support for Sony’s decision. Days later it was announced that a few theaters would get the film to run on Christmas Day. A day later, it was released that the film would be released XBOX Live, YouTube, and a few other OnDemand Medias. I for one was excited. Had it not been released on OnDemand I would have been at the closest theater on Christmas Day to watch, however I chose to BUY not RENT, bought it on XBOX One, I support America. I chose XBOX over going to the theater because this is an option, while I have a few other films to see I figured it’s smartest to get this one done at home so I can see something else to review for all of my loyal readers. Both of you. But enough of that’s, let’s get into it!

The Interview! The newest outing of James Franco and Seth Rogen is here and it is one that I have been excited for. I watched the first initial trailer, and chose not to watch anymore after because of my excitement. The film is directed by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, and stars Rogen, James Franco, Randall Park, and Lizzy Caplan. It follows celebrity gossip journalist Dave Skylark (Franco) and his producer Aaron Rapopart (Rogen). Tired of being the lowest level of journalism Rapopart secure an interview with the supreme leader of North Korea Kim Jong-un (Park). Excited for their career they are approached by the C.I.A. to take out Kim Jung-un during their interview.

The film is pretty fun and entertaining. Is it a great film, no, is it funny yes. Rogen and Franco have such great comedic timing and chemistry, they are always fun to watch. Franco is on his game, especially during the beginning of the film. Arguably his best work. While it is the same roles for Rogen and Franco, they continue to work so well, because I like I said before, the chemistry. Honestly the entire cast is really good. Where you know what you are getting from Rogen and Franco, Park as Kim Jung-un is a lot fun to watch, definitely the shining star of the film. Caplan is also very well cast in her smaller role.

The laughs are there but they can be few and far in between. A lot of cliché humor is used, and the average fart jokes. Not as much of their normal weed crazy jokes. The laugh factor is definitely not as high as their This is the End or Pineapple Express, yet still better than some of the comedies this year. The story could have used a little less on the focus of Kim Jung-un and more on the spy aspect of Rogen and Franco. The Un storyline with his relationship with Franco is funny, but not as funny as it could’ve been.

All in all, all though World War III may come out it, The Interview is worth your time, if not for the laughs, then for the support of America. The support that we don’t bow to anyone, and we will watch whatever parody or satire film we want. I’m scoring this one 4.2 with a .5 bonus because ‘Murica, and Eminem, giving us a JEEBUS score of 4.7, a Good time at theater, er on XBOX.

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