So this past few weeks have been filled with some phenomenal films. I have been very excited and very pleased with the lot of them. Fury is another of the lot that was truly amazing. I have been very hyped going forward to this film. My buddy, who we will call Angry Andrew, constantly repeated to me how bad the film looked. “OMG, another Brad Pitt war movie! This looks terrible!” I know right? Horrible accusation. He doesn’t know much about film. That said, it could have been overhype, he could have been right. SO I made sure Angry Andrew came to see the David Ayer directed film with me, partially so I could rub it in his face about how incredible the film was going to be.

The David Ayer written and directed film has an all-star cast. Maybe not the A Listers we have all come to know, but the surrounding Brad Pitt is certainly A List talent. Shia LaBoots (LaBeouf), Logan Lerman, Michael Pena, and Jason Isaacs, all top talents in their own rights. The cast is truly what makes the film. They are all incredible in their rolls. Each bringing different personality traits to their distinct characters.

The story follows a group of soldiers that control a tank during World War II that have named FURY. War Daddy (Pitt) leads his crew as they are joined by a replacement assistant driver Norman Ellison (Lerman) who is only 8 months into his Army career. Ellison who was trained as a typist is not prepared for war, and reluctant to his new position, while his new crew are close as family, and have been thru hell and back. As the German soldiers press forward, the Fury team is pressed to do their job and stop the enemy at all cost, even when they become the final defense, against over powering number of Nazi Soldiers.

Fury is an intense film. You feel nearly every moment of action. The situations these characters find themselves in drag you in. There was one scene I felt was dragging, and didn’t necessarily need to be in the film. As it carried out I felt they could of taken this back to the editing board. That is until the entire scene played out, only then did I realize how pivotal every second of this film is. It sets up everything perfectly, and the film plays out exceptionally. I can see the script getting the Oscar nod.

Watching the trailer I was a little worried about the effects. It almost looks liked Star Trek or Star Wars phasser guns firing. But then watching this movie it made a little more sense, and looked pretty awesome. I had a few problems with the ending of the film. I felt it could have been written a little better. But it wasn’t big enough for me to really hurt my overall opinion of the film. So as you may have guessed, I’m going pretty high with my Jeebus score, 5.4. And what did Angry Andrew have to say as we left the theater? Well I’ll quote his Facebook, “I’ll eat my words, freakin great movie”

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