Noah and the Rock Monsters

So God spoke to a Gladiator and said build a boat cause I’m going to wipe everyone and everything out! NOAH! A film by Darren Aronofsky, starring a pretty stellar cast; Russell Crow, Jennifer Connelly, Ray Winston, Emma Watson, Logan Lerman, and Odin All father, err Anthony Hopkins. It is very interesting how the story is all put together, there are Rock monsters, and wonder if Noah is going crazy or he is just truly devoted.

So the world sucks because Eve made Adam eat an apple, so Cain killed Abel. After that Cain’s decedents were all jackasses, and then there’s Noah, his father a decent man, killed before his eyes, and Noah grows up as a decent man and God says to him, Dude, I’m going to flood the earth, build a boat! So Noah, goes to the All father and he helps him to see his purpose so then Noah and the Rock Monsters (what?) begin work on the ark. Tubal-Cain (Winston) shows up and decides it is his right to take the ark and a battle ensues as the flood begins. Noah must protect his family, the animals and insure the safety of the Creators creations, which may or may not include himself and his family.

If you are going into this movie as a religious person, I understand why you are angry. Aronofsky takes a lot of liberties with the story, unless there really were Rock Monsters back in the day, but I don’t remember reading about them. The basics of the story from the bible are there, but there is a lot added to make it a true epic. And if you can sit back and just watch it and not worry out biblical accuracies, then you are bound to have a good time. This movie is epic in every since of the word. I was sitting there watching and at one point I even thought to myself “damn, this is the most epic score I have ever heard?!” The music and score is done by Clint Mansell. And it is one of the best scores I’ve heard since The Dark Knight. It really gives you that “This is a true Epic” feel.

I felt a little put off when the Rock Monsters first showed up, but as it went on I started to think, man they are pretty cool. This is a lot of fun to watch. Plus Nick Nolte is one of the voices of the Monsters. There are times when you when are torn between weather or not you would stand with Noah because he starts to go a little crazy on the boat, thinking that mankind is supposed to wiped out including himself and his family. You can understand it but its a little grey area where you don’t know how to feel. Not as much as most Aronofsky films, but it makes you think and wonder what you would be doing in this situation, where would you beliefs lie.

Again, if you are going to this as a very religious person, you might be upset. But if you can go to it and look at it as a movie, and then possibly have a discussion about the inaccuracies according to the bible, then you might actually enjoy yourself. I know I did. I’m going with a Jeebus score of 4.1 with a bonus point of .2 for an epic score rounding us out to 4.3, A Good Time at the Theater!


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