Month: March 2014

This Week In Movie News

Welcome to this week in Movie news. The debut blog was supposed to go up last Saturday but I got wrapped up in my buddies wedding stuff and just didn’t have the time. So to counter that, we are going to chat the last 2 weeks of movie news. Most of which you probably already know, I’m just going to go over the big news and give a little bit of my own opinion on that. So, let’s get to it.

First thing we will get into is Marc Webb has announced he will be leaving the directors duties of The Amazing Spider-Man series after the third film. Honestly I think this is a good thing. Creative director’s risk getting stale sticking with a franchise so too long. Look at Sam Raimi and the first Spider-Man franchise. Bringing in a little bit of new blood will keep the franchise fresh. Which I believe is something we need. We are in an era when Reboots are inevitable, and I think if we could just sit back, and let new faces take over we could see fewer reboots. Kind of like the James Bond series. New bond, same series for years upon years. 20 or so films. Plus Webb has said he would like to stick around and perhaps consult a little here and there, and will probably be given a producers credit. Sony has shown they are ready for a shared Universe. A Universe that will be full of villains, which is new to the hero movie world. So fear not Spider-Man fans, we will be just fine.

Now what we are really waiting for, finally a tad bit of Star Wars news! Episode 7 will take place 30 years after Return of the Jedi. Good call. If you want to bring back the Big 3, at this time it’s not like you can make the film take place the day after the Ewok party. As well we have gotten the information that the film will focus around 3 new young Jedi, and some familiar faces. Now this got everybody excited. Everyone except me. Because let’s face it, we know this. We know there will be new Jedi in training, and we know the Big 3 will be back. This isn’t real news. Give me some casting, give me a plot hint. Give me something real. You are starting production in 2 months, TELL ME SOMETHING! I’m sick of these irrelevant subtle “news” stories that aren’t news!

We got Cars 2, who cares. We Got Monsters University, who cares. We are getting Finding Dory and Cars 3, who cares! Other than the Toy Story films, no one wanted sequels except to one! And finally, it is coming! The Incredibles 2! This is what we have all been waiting on! If any of the Pixar films was set up and deserves a sequel, it’s this one! And what excites me is not just that Incredibles 2 is finally coming but think about: Disney Owns Marvel this go around. We could see some Marvel cameos in this go around. I don’t expect anything big. Iron Man is not going to show up and save the day. But random little fun cameos in the background or so? Awesome! Not to mention that seeing the progression of these characters is going to be great! Seeing little Jack Jack come into his own? Shut Up and take my money!

Concept art and some photos have been released for Marvel’s The Avengers 2: Age of Ultron. We will start with the most recent then go back to the more exciting. Action shots of Quick Silver, Scarlett Witch, and Hawkeye. Pretty basic, what I can say is I am already more excited for Marvel’s Quick Silver and Scarlett Witch better than the version we are getting g from Fox. What’s weird is Marvel can’t even hint at their true back stories, yet they look to be on top of the game. Hawkeye seems to have a new look and I like it. It’s a lot more comic like. The Ultron picture is a little more off, but I assume there will be a ton of CGI around him. So last up is the Hulk Buster concept art. This is what’s exciting. Yeah Banner’s trick is that he is always angry, but it is the Hulk. Eventually he is going to Rage out and the Avengers are going to have the deal. Even if this is just a small battle in the film it will be exciting to see Hulk and Iron Man go at it.

So Marvel pretty much runs the Hero game when it comes to films. Between Marvel Studios, Sony’s Spider-Man, Fox’s X-Men and soon to be Fantastic Four universe, Marvel is on top. DC gave us a decent film in Man of Steel 2, but are having problems gearing up for the sequel, or a shared universe. Now they have pushed back from their 2015 date to a date in 2016 already taken by what was then an untitled Marvel film. What was DC thinking, probably that it was going to be Doctor Strange or Black Panther. They probably felt that going against these lesser known films would make them move and they would gain a step in this game of Chicken. Well Marvel fired back hard, Captain America 3 going Head to Head with Man of Steel 2. And everything I have heard about The Winter Soldier, makes me think that MoS2 is in for a rude awakening. Sure film fans have been waiting since both Michael Keaton and Christopher Reeves suited up to see Batman and Superman together on the screen, but look at the track record! How could you not put your money on Marvel! I’m going to bet MoS2 moves their date, but if they don’t, if this game of chicken goes all the way down to the crashing point on May 6 2016, who will you see? I know where I will be at Midnight, Captain America 3.

I would like to say something about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle trailer, but, I didn’t watch it. I am waiting until I see it on the big screen before Captain America 2, so I can’t really comment on it. However after I do see it, I’ll put something up about my opinion. The Trailer I can comment on is Hercules. No not Kellen Lutz, I’m talking The Rock! The most electrifying man in all of entertain main playing the most legendary hero of all mythology! Some people are calling the voice over cheesy, but personally I loved it. We get scenes of Hercules fighting mythological beast, an epic shot of a giant lion attacking our hero, and a shot of Herc in the famous lion hoodie! If I wasn’t already, I’m all in now! This going to be a true epic!

So that’s what I got for. Just a little opinion from a guy that doesn’t really matter. I don’t really even know why you read this, but thank you. So feel free to jump down in the comments and tell me what you feel about these topics. Or what news this week stuck out to you?

Noah and the Rock Monsters

So God spoke to a Gladiator and said build a boat cause I’m going to wipe everyone and everything out! NOAH! A film by Darren Aronofsky, starring a pretty stellar cast; Russell Crow, Jennifer Connelly, Ray Winston, Emma Watson, Logan Lerman, and Odin All father, err Anthony Hopkins. It is very interesting how the story is all put together, there are Rock monsters, and wonder if Noah is going crazy or he is just truly devoted.

So the world sucks because Eve made Adam eat an apple, so Cain killed Abel. After that Cain’s decedents were all jackasses, and then there’s Noah, his father a decent man, killed before his eyes, and Noah grows up as a decent man and God says to him, Dude, I’m going to flood the earth, build a boat! So Noah, goes to the All father and he helps him to see his purpose so then Noah and the Rock Monsters (what?) begin work on the ark. Tubal-Cain (Winston) shows up and decides it is his right to take the ark and a battle ensues as the flood begins. Noah must protect his family, the animals and insure the safety of the Creators creations, which may or may not include himself and his family.

If you are going into this movie as a religious person, I understand why you are angry. Aronofsky takes a lot of liberties with the story, unless there really were Rock Monsters back in the day, but I don’t remember reading about them. The basics of the story from the bible are there, but there is a lot added to make it a true epic. And if you can sit back and just watch it and not worry out biblical accuracies, then you are bound to have a good time. This movie is epic in every since of the word. I was sitting there watching and at one point I even thought to myself “damn, this is the most epic score I have ever heard?!” The music and score is done by Clint Mansell. And it is one of the best scores I’ve heard since The Dark Knight. It really gives you that “This is a true Epic” feel.

I felt a little put off when the Rock Monsters first showed up, but as it went on I started to think, man they are pretty cool. This is a lot of fun to watch. Plus Nick Nolte is one of the voices of the Monsters. There are times when you when are torn between weather or not you would stand with Noah because he starts to go a little crazy on the boat, thinking that mankind is supposed to wiped out including himself and his family. You can understand it but its a little grey area where you don’t know how to feel. Not as much as most Aronofsky films, but it makes you think and wonder what you would be doing in this situation, where would you beliefs lie.

Again, if you are going to this as a very religious person, you might be upset. But if you can go to it and look at it as a movie, and then possibly have a discussion about the inaccuracies according to the bible, then you might actually enjoy yourself. I know I did. I’m going with a Jeebus score of 4.1 with a bonus point of .2 for an epic score rounding us out to 4.3, A Good Time at the Theater!

Mary Jane is, DIVERGENT

Divergent! The newest teeny bopper book turned into epic film! If you liked Twilight, and Hunger Games, and you a teenage girl you are bound to like this! But serially, Divergent! A film directed by Neil Burger, and has an incredible cast! Shailene Woodley, Theo James, Zoë Kravits, Ansel Elgort, Maggie Q, Mekhi Phifer, Jai Courtney, Miles Teller, and Kate Winslet! I enjoyed this film, had a few problems with it, mostly because I am not familiar with the source material, and for that, the real fans of the book series and this film are probably not going to like reading my take on the film.

Based on the novel of the same name by Veronica Roth, Divergent is a post-apocalyptic film where Chicago is the only city to survive some war and in a way that is not really explained to the audience the city is divided into 5 factions, with names I’m not even going to try and remember. The governing faction that live like Amish kind of, the smart ones that know everything, the workers that farm, there’s another one, and then there Dauntless (remembered that one) the badass military unit. Beatrice (Woodley) is in the Amish faction with her brother and it comes time to take a test for the both of them that will tell them where they belong. If the test doesn’t work you are Divergent, a free thinker and not welcomed in society. Well Beatrice is Divergent and even though she is told to run home and hide, she chooses to join Dauntless, because apparently the test doesn’t matter and you can choose what you want. Rigorous training ensues and eventually a showdown happens and we have our movie!

What I liked about this was the training that takes up the majority of the film. It’s nothing new, weaker person with a big heart slowly gets better and becomes the top dog. Woodley does a great job making us believe she really struggled to survive training. Jai Courtney plays one of our antagonist and this guy, he’s an asshole. Right off the bat you look at him and say, yes, this guy is a jerk. I feel Courtney can be a big star going forward, he’s great in action films. Kate Winslet plays the ruler of everything, and like Courtney, you look at her just know she’s an evil witch. Miles Teller has a role and when I saw he was in this film I was excited because he is building a pretty good resume while gearing up for The Fantastic Four babies, problem is, in this film he is very one dimensional. It’s not Tellers fault, the character is written that way.

Much Like Tellers character, I felt the love story between Woodley and Theo James’ character was bit unnecessary. I understand I am not the key demographic and that it is there because the teenage girls that this film is made for will eat it up. The Love story was written well enough, and you feel the spark grow between the two, but, as the movie can drag on a little bit, I feel if they had cut out some of this storyline it would of flowed better. The film can get confusing when it starts to get all Inception like on you going into people’s heads and fears, but all in all it’s not that hard to follow.

As someone who is not a fan of Twilight, or these teen heart throb books to film in general, when I walked into the theater I didn’t expect to be amazed, and yet I walked out actually enjoying the film. I gave this one a Jeebus score of 4, get your popcorn ready cause it’s a Good Time at the Theater

Muppets Most Wanted

Muppets most wanted! A sequel to the sequel that returned the Muppets to big screen glory! This go around James Bobin returns to direct and brings you all of you favorite Muppets (kind of) alongside Ricky Gervais, Ty Burrell, and Tina Fey. Written by Nicholas Stoller and Bobin. If you’re not a fan of the Muppets by now this one is not the one that is going to win you over. There are a lot of clever moments, and it makes you chuckle here and there, but over all this one is much more aimed for the new generation of fans and children, and not as much nostalgia that we, the original generation of Muppets fans, will enjoy.

Muppets Most Wanted picks up literally directly after The Muppets ends, with the final few seconds of that one taking place. From here we get an amazing musical number about how sequels are never good but we are getting one anyway. The plot follows the Muppets getting a new Manager (Gervais) and going on a world tour. While overseas international criminal, and world’s most dangerous frog, Constantine, who bears a resemblance to the one and only Kermit the frog, breaks out of prison and switches places with Kermit. Kermit is locked away in a Siberian prison while Constantine and his “Number 2” (Gervais) travel with the Muppets pulling off heist around Europe. And it’s up to Walter, Animal, and Fozzy to find Kermit and save the Show!

This installment lacked the gags that Jason Segal brought to 2011’s The Muppets. It’s funny, and it’s cute and all film long you giggle at the jokes, but I feel this one was much more kid orientated with less for adults. The musical numbers are all great and catchy, especially Constantine and Gervais’ number. All the people in the film are very good, but they tended to take up too much of the story. I mean everyone loves Tina Fey, but she’s not the reason you wanted to see this movie. The Muppets are. And I feel they dwindled down a lot of the Muppets to cameos. Gonzo has about 4 minutes of screen time, and Rowlf about a minute, and Beaker maybe only 30 seconds. So you get my drift. At the same time I think the best part of this film was Ty Burrell and his interaction with Sam the Eagle. When they are on screen you will probably have the most fun in this film.

One thing that Muppet movies never let you down on is the cameos, and Most Wanted doesn’t disappoint there. You will have a lot of fun spotting all the cameos, they are really the only gags put in for adults. Let’s face it, children aren’t going to care that Ray Liotta is singing back up in a prison choir, or that Danny Trejo is Danny Trejo, or that Hit Girl and Loki both show up! But I had a blast with all these.

In the end Muppets Most Wanted is a good family film, not as much fun as past Muppets installments, but it is still good to take the kids too and enjoy some Muppet action. In the end I gave this one a Jeebus score of 3.7 with a .2 bonus for cameos, and .1 bonus for Muppets because I love them, bringing us to a score of 4, A Good Time at the Theater!

Need for Speed

I feel the need, the need, for speed! No this isn’t Top Gun, and we aren’t talking about XBOX or PlayStation! Need for Speed directed by Scott Waugh, and stars Aaron Paul of Breaking Bad fame, and Howard Stark, er Dominic Cooper, Kid Cudi, and few other people I’ve never seen. I was pretty excited for this one and went in with high expectations. After all I’m a huge Fast & Furious fan. However, this is not Fast and Furious.

Aaron Paul plays Tobey Marshall, a mechanic and well of racer who with his crew rebuilds the fastest mustang on the planet for Dino Brewster (Cooper). When Marshall is framed for the death of a friend during a high stakes race, he spends 2 years in prison. Upon his release he and the old crew get right to work to avenge their fallen friend with the worlds fastest mustang, racing across the country to make the deadline for the one big race.

The story is pretty weak. And by pretty weak, I mean insanely weak. I honestly made the mistake of going into his hoping for a decent story in between races. What you get is a mess of a plot that starts out decent enough but quickly becomes more and more unbelievable. There are times when you are completely taken out of the film wondering, who in their right mind come up with this plan. I mean the whole plot is centered around the fact that this is the fastest car on the planet. Yet there are constantly people in trucks, and cops right in toe.

The casting was pretty off as well. I don’t know Aaron Paul from Breaking Bad I’ve never watched the show, but he is not the problem. All though his character is very one dimensional, as is almost every character, he does a good job in the part. The rest of the cast seem like they have no business behind the wheels of these vehicles. Kid Cudi adds a little comic relief but not enough to save the film. Imogen Poots is cute and fun to watch but also seems a bit out of place. The one shining star is Michael Keaton. Keaton plays the underground race kingpin that commentates via web cam as the film goes on. It looks as if Waugh just told Keaton, “Go, play, have fun” and he did.

Need for Speed is not all bad though. The race scenes and cars are spectacular. This where the film shines. And with absolutely no CGI. The stunts and races all performed with practical effects, and they are a blast to watch. The cars include, among others, a 66 Pontiac GTO, a 65 Gran Torino, a Saleen S7, McLaren P1, Bugatti, Koenigsegg Ageras, and of Corse the 2013 Shelby GT500. They are all phenomenal! It actually hurts watching some get destroyed. If you are going t\for the car chases and races and cars, then you will be thoroughly entertained by them, just don’t hope for much substance around them.

If you can suspend you disbelief, and completely overlook the lack of character development, and sub-par plot filled with plot holes and lack of common sense, you might have a good time with this film. Especially if all you are looking for is cool cars, chases, and races. All in all I gave the film a Jeebus score of 2.6 with a .3 bonus for Beetlejuice-like character Michael Keaton gives us rounding out with a 2.9, Go head and Redbox this one.

300 Rise of an Empire

Full disclosure, I was late to the 300 game. As a matter of fact, I didn’t even see it till a few days ago. Rise of an Empire ups the game a bit but also is missing some of the spark that made 300 so epic. This go around Zach Snyder wrote and produced while Noam Murro directs. Returning to this epic world is Lena Headey as Queen Gorgo of Sparta, and Rodrigo Santoro as the God King Xerxes. New comers include Sullivan Stapleton as our lead warrior Themistocles, and Eva Green as very vicious Artemisia.

300 Rise of an Empire! The much anticipated sequel to Zach Snyder’s 2007 300! The story is unique in the fact that it’s not necessarily a true sequel, the beginning of the film is a prequel, the middle of the film takes place the same time as 300 is, and the final act takes place after 300 ends. Our story follows Themistocles the Athenian warrior as he leads his troops through a battle to unite all of Greece against the Persian Empire. Standing against him is the viciously evil Artemisia, Commander of the Persian Navy.  Based on Frank Miller’s graphic novel “Xerxes” Rise of an Empire focuses more on the Athenian Army, while great warriors in their own way they lack the raw badassness that we got with the Spartans in 300. They aren’t out to die defending their country, they’d rather live, which does give you a more personal connection to the characters. However other than Themistocles and Artemisia there isn’t much background or character development.

300 changed the game when it came to visual effects in film, and Rise of an Empire is definitely on par. Visually stunning and graphic as all hell, Rise of an Empire ups the ante. The gore is even more over the top, which sometimes can be a bad thing in film, but works well in the 300 universe. There are times that you can notice the green screen, and the think to yourself, why can I see that there’s a green screen on this multi-million dollar production???? But moments later someone’s head is chopped off and you are back into the film. Now I’m not one for 3D film. When giving the choice I choose to stay away from the 3d, and see the traditional 2D. However I was forced to see the IMAX 3D version of Rise of an Empire and I will say that if you opting for the 3D viewing of the film, IMAX is the way to go. All though you can be taken out of the film by the large amount of 3D ash flying around ALL movie long, it’s still pretty stunning.

All in all, 300 Rise of an Empire is a badass film. Not the Oscar winning film my buddy Bluem thinks it was, but still a fun film to watch. I gave is Jeebus score of 3.6 with a .4 bonus for a topless Eva Green(yes topless, amazing scene) for a total score of 4, A Good time at the Theater!

Taken Plane

Non Stop, the newest Liam Neeson action flick! Non Stop follows Neeson’s Bill Marks, a Federal Air Marshall on a routine flight that ends up not being so routine. Neeson teams with his Unknown director Jaume Collet-Sera, you remember, he brought us that awesome movie House of Wax? Yeah, so, Non Stop also stars Julianna Moore, Scoot McNairy, Michelle Dockery, and a small appearance by Lupita Nyoug’o.

I know it dounds like I disliked the movie thus far, but I actually didn’t. It is actually a pretty decent film. We start off with a very quick look at Agent Marks’ lifestyle, as a stressed alcoholic that doesn’t seem to really like his job. Then after a quick walk through the airport where we see all of our potential antagonist, seriously you little look at these people and go “Oh its him, no him, no its def him, no him…..” and so on; we finally take off and the who done it begins. Marks begin receiving texts on his secured network and people start dying. Eventually 2 and 2 are put together and we learn who our terrorist is, and it was fun to watch, until the motive. Everyone has a motive, and this is about as far-fetched and off the wall as you can get. You are immediately taken out of the movie, but then action happens and its kind of cool.

The motive isn’t the only weakness in the film. The type cast characters seem to take you out of the film at times, including the knock off John McClain. As well Julianne Moore and Michelle Dockery’s characters are slight inner changeable and pointless at times. As well the action events that happen are pretty unrealistic. It is kind of like a Saw trap in that it all depends on certain luck to move the plot points that happen rather coincidental!

The action is fun when you over look the unrealistic tone and allow yourself to have fun. As well the film will have you on the edge of your seat wondering who is behind the shenanigans, and in what room with candlestick. I scored the film a Jeebus of 3.1, Check out that Matinee!

BC’s 2013 Movie Awards Blog, Part 2

ImageOK, due to technical difficulties, I lost my entire opening on these first 2 awards, so I’m kind of going to blow through them quickly. I apologies. But, here we go. First up is Viewers Choice. Due to a lack of votes, there was only one obvious choice, which was Pacific Rim. And a damn good choice. Next up was Best fight. We have Gypsy Danger Vs Otachi from Pacific Rim, Luke Hobbs and Dominic Toretto Vs Owen Shaw and Klaus from Furious 7. Kal El Vs General Zod from Man of Steel, Letty Ortiz Vs Riley Hicks from Furious 7, and Justice Forever Vs the Mega Cunts in Kick Ass 2. All amazing fights. I mean Zod and superman destroyed an entire city, MMA Badass Gina Carano vs Hollywood badass Michelle Rodriguez, Rock and Diesel vs a Body builder that almost makes The Rock look small and Luke Evans in a cargo plane. And a near 30 minute war culminating in Kick Ass’ final confrontation with The Mother F*cker. These were all epic and brutal. However, none more amazing then when Gypsy Danger picked up an Oil Tanker and used it as a baseball bat to beat the holy hell out of Otachi. I mean come on. Not only is it A GIANT ROBOT FIGHTING A GIANT MONSTER! But the Jaeger used an oil tanker as a baseball bat against the Kaiju! So of Corse the award goes to Pacific Rim!

Next up we will take a look at our Best Supporting Actress category. So many to choose from these ladies all commanded our attention while on the big screen. Our nominees are, Emma Watson for This is the End, Selena Gomez for Spring Breakers, Jena Malone for The Hunger Games Catching Fire, Evangeline Lily for The Hobbit The Desolation of Smaug, and Jennifer Laurence for American Hustle. Jennifer Lawrence was the shining star in an already very bright movie. American Hustle one of the best movies of the year with one of the greatest casts ever put together, yet relative new comer Jennifer Lawrence steals the show in my opinion. Yet as much as Lawrence stole the show in American Hustle, I believe it was Jena Malone that stole it from her in Catching Fire! Her quirky comedy and sarcastic remarks were such a welcomed joy to Catching Fire. As someone who was only ok with the first Hunger Games film, Jena Malone is a big reason in why I am now a believer in this franchise. Likewise a character created for the movie itself not originally from the book, Evangeline Lily was a surprise to me. Again not a fan of Lord of the Rings, or the first Hobbit, Evangeline Lily was a fun character to get behind in Smaug. I look forward to the continuation of her storyline. Now this may be cheating a little, because I don’t know if you can really call Emma Watson a supporting actress in This is the End, her ole is kind of more a cameo. But come one, one of the best scenes in that movie is the one when Hermione robs them! It was so cleverly written! And finally Selena Gomez as the good girl in Spring Breakers. A break out role for her, I think Gomez has a very bright future and it began right here with Spring Breakers. Amazing performances by all these ladies, but honestly, it’s a no contest. Jennifer Lawrence was just too good in American Hustle, that’s why she takes the award.

Best Supporting Actor is a stacked award. So many great performances. The nominees are, Jim Carey as Col. Stars & Stripes in Kick Ass 2, Chris Pratt in Delivery Man, Michael Shannon as General Zod in Man of Steel, Terrance Howard for Prisoners, and Tom Hanks as Walt Disney in Saving Mr. Banks. Saving Mr. Banks was one of my favorite films of the year. It was amazing and part of which was Tom Hanks’ spot on performance as Mr. Disney, he truly brought Walt Disney back to life in this film. In a mediocre yet fun film, Chris Pratt who I didn’t even realize was in the film, stole the show. Pratt was by far the best thing in the film and you almost cared more about his storyline then you did about Vince Vaughn’s. Despite Jim Carey not wanting to promote Kick Ass 2, his character as the mentor and founder of justice forever was a very well written character and fun to watch. Terrance Howard is always phenomenal. And Prisoners is no exception. The dynamics of how he dealt with the loss of his child the emotion he portrayed he made you feel every ounce of his pain. Michael Shannon is truly one of the best actors of today. And his performance of Zod helps prove that. There is nothing more terrifying then a villain who believes what he is doing is for the good of his people. And Shannon delivers his entire performance as a man fighting for his people doing whatever he has to survive. A very hard decision, but, I don’t think can give this award to anyone but Terrance Howard. He is by far, one of the greatest of our time.

Best Actress category is probably going to be off the wall with most the nominees, but again, this is only my opinion. And all film is subjective. The nominees are Emma Thompson for Saving Mr Banks, Scarlett Johansson in Don Jon, Chloe Grace-Moretz as Hit Girl in Kick Ass2, Jennifer Lawrence in The Hunger Games Catching Fire, and Sandra Bullock in Gravity. Random nominee’s right? I know, I know. But think I’m a little enamored with Chloe Moretz because before Saving Mr. Banks came out I had her on this list twice for Kick Ass 2 and Carrie. But she owns the role of Hit Girl. It is so fun to watch her play this role, and though I don’t think a 3rd installment is coming, I really hope that it may come out someday. Scar Jo as well stole me in Don Jon. I think it was the Jersey girl that I had no idea she could play. The accent is on par and the character was so not what I was expecting it took me surprise. Jennifer Lawrence has proven time and time again that she is a top tier actress and has a very bright future. As Katniss Everdeen she is paving the way for future female badass in film. It is a true testament to an actress, or actor that can truly deliver on their own. And Sandra Bullock does just that in Gravity. She made us feel her terror, her struggle, in every second of this amazing film. But there was nothing more amazing this year than watching Emma Thompson command our respect as P.L. Travers in Saving Mr. Banks. Thompson takes us through Travers conflicting emotions giving us the portrait of a character who is hard to like, but commands our love and respect. And this why there is no other option but Emma Thompson for the best Actress.

Best Actor is by far the most stacked category there is. I wanted to limit my nominees to 5 on all categories’, so I will start off with honorary mentions, and those go to Christian Bale in American Hustle, Matthew McConaughey in Mud, and Collin Farrell for Saving Mr. Banks, and Idris Elba for Mandela A Long Welcome to Freedom. I didn’t get a chance to see Dallas Buyers Club so I can’t speak to Matthew McConaughey’s performance in that one, nor can I about Joaquin Phoenix in Her. So that brings us to our nominees. Hugh Jackman for Prisoners, Chiwetel Ejiofor for 12 Years a Slave, Ashton Kutcher for Jobs, Leonardo DiCaprio for The Wolf Of Wall street, And Tom Hanks for Captain Phillips. Hugh Jackman gave one of the most intense heartfelt performances I’ve even seen from him Prisoners. It was truly an amazing and award winning performance. In one of the few films to ever bring tears to my eyes Tom Hanks was on the top of his already a game for Captain Philips. As well in one of the hardest films to watch do to true passion and content matter, Chiwetel Ejiofor proved he is a force to be reckoned within 12 Years a Slave. In a pretty weak film, Ashton Kutcher truly did take make us believe we were watch Steve Jobs. Not once was I taken out of the film seeing the guy from punk’d, I always believed he was Steve Jobs. He did such a great performance bringing this character back to life. And what more can be said about Leo. Wolf of Wall street is such an epic film that Leo once again shows how much of a power house he is. So who takes the award? None other than Tom Hanks, hands down. The film was so amazing and such a heartfelt performance.

Next up is who do think deserves the Oscar? Now this is a little different than best film. Because I look at best film as what was my favorite film of the year, which movie true was amazing in every aspect. But the Oscars look for best film as on a whole direction, story, acting. Everything being the number one in its category and on whole the best. I can overlook the minor details and enjoy the movie for what it is and its entertainment value. So my nominees for best picture, and I won’t go into detail about all of them, cause some I haven’t even seen, I’m only giving them the nomination on their reputation alone. So, they are, Mud, Gravity, Captain Philips, Her, Prisoners, Seven Psychopaths, Wolf Of Wall street, Dallas Buyers Club, Parkland, American Hustle, Saving Mr. Banks, 12 Years of Slave, Mandela A Long Walk to Freedom, and Out of the Furnace. Not all these films are actually nominated for Best Picture at the Oscars tonight but in my opinion are all worthy of nominations. Especially Seven Psychopaths, Mandela, 12 Years a Slave Captain Philips, and Mud. Tonight, my heart tells me 12 Years a Slave will take it though.

Alright time for the top of the game, Best Picture. So many great film this year, but these 5 were my favorite, the nominees are, Captain Philips, Furious 6, Star Trek into the Darkness, Thor 2 the Dark World, and Kick Ass 2. Very different then my Oscar picks huh? These films all had me leaving the theater wanting to immediately watch them again. Star Trek was a huge surprise to me. Marketing had me not caring to see this film, maybe that’s why when I went to see it I was so surprised and loved it so much. Captain Philips as I have said numerous times was just so amazing and heartfelt. Furious 6 right of the bat was my favorite film of the summer that was until Kick Ass 2 came out. And that pretty much held the top spot, until November. And this may seem like cop out, but Thor 2 was released. The Marvel cinematic Universe is running the film game and Thor 2 was no exception. Where some might say the villain lacked creativity and a real threat. Well honestly I felt he was just a plot device to further the story of our real villain, Loki. And he did just that. The film was funny, action packed and thoroughly entertaining. That’s why it wins for best film of the year. However, honorable mention will go to Pacific Rim, giant robots vs giant aliens, come on, that’s awesome!

BC’s 2013 Movie Awards, Part 1

ImageI was told that the average movie goer sees 8 to 10 movies a year. Which is why the Oscars aren’t viewer’s choice. There’s a panel of critics and writers that see nearly every film that is released. So what qualifies me to write a blog on what I feel are the best films of the year? Well if the average movie goer sees 8 to 10 films, I saw at least 5 times that in 2013. Nothing special, but maybe enough to form an opinion on a wide range. 63 of the movies released in 2013 was my final count. Technically 64, but all though Lone Survivor played somewhere one day in 2013, I didn’t see it until 2014 so I’m not counting it. What I will be taking into consideration are: World War Z, Man Of Steel, Furious 6, The Lone Ranger, Pacific Rim, Iron Man 3, Spring Breakers, Hansel & Gretel Witch Hunters, Gangster Squad, The Hangover Part III, Star Trek into the Darkness, Evil Dead, Elysium, 2 Guns, Paranoia, Jobs, Kick-Ass 2, Mud, 21 & Over, A Good Day To Die hard, Getaway, Don Jon, Bullet To The Head, Prisoners, Gravity, Bling Ring, Curse Of Chucky, Runner Runner, Captain Phillips, Rush, Escape Plan, Kevin Hart Let Me Explain, Bad Grandpa, Last Vegas, Enders game, The Counselor, Carrie, Thor 2 the Dark World, Olympus Has Fallen, White House Down, Last Stand, Delivery Man, Hunger Games Catching Fire, Grown Ups 2, The Heat, The Internship, Home Front, Out Of the Furnace, Anchorman 2, American hustle, Movie 43, Grudge Match, Machete Kills, 47 Ronin, Wolf Of Wall Street, Saving Mr. Banks, Hobbit The Desolation Of Smaug, 12 years a slave, and Mandela Along Walk To freedom. So that’s the pool, 63 films. I missed a few. I would have liked to have seen Dallas buyers’ Club, Parkland, Secret Life of Walter itty, and a few others, But, Sadly I didn’t have the time. Categories I will be awarding in are Best Movie, Best Comedy, best Action, Best Horror, Biggest Let Down, Best Actor, best Actress, Best Supporting Actor, Best Supporting Actress, Best fight, Best Soundtrack, Who Cares of the Year, Feel Good Film Of the Year, Crazy Bitch award, Viewer’s Choice, and Who The Oscar should go to(Which I look at differently than Best Film) So, Not that anyone cares to hear my opinion, I feel the need to say it anyway, maybe 1 or 2 of you will be entertained. And keep in mind, this is really just my opinion. Nothing more than the views on some movies by a film fan. So, that said, let’s get into it!

First we will look at Best Comedy of the year. Now I based these honestly on what movies truly kept me laughing all movie long. To the point that my face hurt when I left the theaters. And there were some good ones. The nominees are, Anchorman 2, This Is the End, Bad Grandpa, Kevin Hart: Let My Explain, and The Heat. All incredible movies. And I have to say the heat was a sleeper pick to get in. Because I didn’t think it looked good. It looked generic and not worth me wasting money, so I waited until it was on Redbox to see, and my oh my, it was hilarious. The interaction between Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy was classic! They played off each so well! Plus I am a huge Bill Burr fan so his little cameo was awesome! This Is the End I saw multiple times. These guys killed it! Not the best job from Jonah hill, but I think we expect more from him now that he’s an academy award winner. But James Franco killed it, Seth Rogan was on par, the story was entertaining, and of Corse, EMMA ROBERTS stealing the show! I was not a fan or really knew much about her since I never got into Harry Potter, but she won me over! Bad Grandpa was incredible, Johnny Knoxville was back on his A game, the kid, Jackson Nicoll, I don’t know how he kept it together during all those pranks, he has some real talent. My only issue is 80% of the pranks, almost in the entirety, were on the trailers. And the entire finish to the film, the big pay off, was also in the trailer. Kevin Hart is always a killer. He gets my every time. Whether it’s his stand up, or his films. His comedy just seems to hit home, and Let Me Explain, is on par. It is definitely another step up after his last outing in laugh At My Pain. He dropped the little sketches in this one which really made me happy because I felt those were the weak parts of Laugh at My Pain. Now, full discloser, I did not watch the first Anchorman, until the day before I went to see Anchorman 2. And I was not impressed. I barely laughed in it. So I was worried going into Anchorman 2. However, it worked this go around for me. I loved it, the cameos, the over the top comedy, everything had me in stiches watching it. So who takes? All great movies, all hilarious, but in my opinion, the award goes to, this is The End. And rightfully so. The story was on par, the comedy was great, and come on, The Backstreet Boys were in it!

Next up we will go with the Best Action of the year. I love a good action flick. My favorite films are honesty super hero/comic book movies, which I just you average action flick on steroids! So the nominees for best action are, Pacific Rim, Iron Man 3, Star Trek into the Darkness, Man of Steel and Furious 6. Pacific Rim, there’s not much you can say other than HOLY CRAP THAT WAS AWESOME! It’s just an action packed adventure. Giant alien monsters vs. giant robots!? It doesn’t get better then that! Plus the giant robot picks up a tanker, and uses it like a baseball bat to beat the alien monster! Then we have Furious 6, jam packed with unbelievable car stuns, explosions and action. Let’s face it, it’s what drives this franchise (pun intended) Iron Man 3, a movie that actually really disappointed me, actually ended up not skimping out on the action in its finale. By far the best final fight scene of all the Iron Man films, even if we didn’t really ever get to see the potential of the awesome cameo suits. Star Trek as well was a surprise to me. Marketing was very off when this film was released and I was actually not looking forward to it. But after seeing it I was very surprised. It kept me on the edge of my seat with intense action sequences. And Man Of Steel. I mean, did you see that thing, not only did they destroy Krypton in a 45 minute fight to start out the film, but they went on to exploding oil rigs, destroying sears and IHOP, and then the entire Metropolis! I mean that final fight between Zod and Kal El was intense, it hurt to watch when they slammed in and out of buildings like that! Every punch was thrown with such force as a movie goer you felt it! It was like being in the audience of the UFC title fight! But bigger! But when it comes down to it the award goes to, Man of Steel! Of Corse we are going to Man of Steel, it was literally 2 hours and 20 minutes of action! Even the down time, was still pretty action like, well not really, but you get my drift.

For me best Horror is kind of one sided. I hate horror movies starring children, they scare me. And I’m sick of found footage exorcist films. And I missed The Purge, The Conjuring, Insidious Chapter II, and Who’s Next. SO the nominees are few, and they are, Evil Dead, Curse of Chucky, and Carrie. Carrie was really good. I walked out of The Counselor and sat down to watch Carrie, and I loved it. Chloe Grace Moretz. She was amazing in it, and Julianna Moore was crazy as all hell! My only issue with the film, is when you look at the remakes of Chainsaw, Nightmare, Halloween, and Friday, all though you knew the story, you didn’t quite know where it was going to go. With Carrie, it seemed very predictable. Curse of Chucky is hands down finally a step in the right direction of this franchise. I liked Bride of Chucky and Seed of Chucky, they were humorous, but Curse of Chucky took it back to the Childs lay 1 & 2 feel. But hands down, out of these nominees, Evil Dead takes the cake. It was every bit as gruesome and horrifying as we were promised from Bruce Cambell and Sam Raimi. I am excited for where this franchise goes from here!

Every year there are a few movies that you watch and they just make you happy and want to hang out with friends and family. Not in an “I’m lucky to have you” kind of way, but in a, “I’m in the Mood to make memories” kind of way. These are the nominees for Feel Good Film of the Year.  Grown Ups 2, the Internship, and Last Vegas. Honorable mention with go to Delivery Man. I know I know, The Internship was just a big ad for Google and not the follow up to Wedding Crashers we all expected and wanted. Well if you could look past that, and accept that this was a PG13 film, you might have had a little fun with it. I know I did. It’s nothing new. Underdog outcast team bands together to beat the number 1 squad. Same ole song and dance. But the dynamics between the cast were just fun to watch. And regardless that Vince Vaughn plays Vince Vaughn in every movie, I will always enjoy that character. Last Vegas, a stellar cast, with the simple story of reuniting, burying the hatchet and Vegas. It just made me want to fast forward to my twilight years ago with my friends out for a weekend on the town. Plus Turtle was in it. HashtagEntourage. Grown Ups 2, I know you hated it. 80% of people hated it. 19% refused to see it. But I am in the 1% that was entertained by the complete lack of plot, character development, or overall effort into making a film. But I tell you this, when it was over, I wanted to throw a kickass 80s party. And the winner is, Last Vegas. You haven’t seen it, grab some buds, and take a night to enjoy it.

A few quick and easy awards, we’ll start with the MTV like  award of Crazy Bitch of the Year. Our two nominees, Julianne Moore from Carrie, and Scarlett Johansson from Don Jon. Scar Jo, you might ask me, why is she crazy? Come on, look at that character, she was crazy as hell! The movie is marketed as the rom com between her character and JGLs, but turns out, she is kind of a little insane! The way she tries to control him, and he arguments. It’s just nuts, from a guy’s perspective at least. But not as nuts as Julianne Moore in Carrie. This chick was just creepy, and loco from the get go! It’s no wonder Carrie was so screwed up! Every year, movies get cancelled and not released and some moronic film comes out that no one goes to see. This we call the Who Cares of the Year. Nominees are, After Earth, and Paranoia. What to say about After Earth. They did a great job hiding that it was a M. Night Shyamalan film. You didn’t see his name at all during the marketing campaign. It wasn’t until the movie started and up roles ”A film by M. Night Shyamalan” that people realized, and by then they were already screwed. And Paranoia, had a great cast. Han Solo and Commissioner Gordon, with Thors little brother in the middle, and Amber Heard. But, no one cared. Most people still haven’t even heard of it. Which makes it our winner of the Who Cares of the Year. At least people saw After Earth and know that it sucked. Best Soundtrack, and I will say soundtrack rather than score, because I don’t really have the experience to talk score, just yet. So Soundtrack nominees are Furious 6 and Kick-Ass 2. Furious 6 gets the nod on 2 Chains’’ We Own It. The Fast & Furious franchise is known for its cars, but every film gives us at least one hit song that jams. And Kick-Ass 2, I love the main theme, it’s on my workout playlist, and even an alarm on my phone. And the award goes to, Furious 6. We Own It, Rest of My Life by Ludacris featuring Usher, Bandoleros by Don Omar and Tego Calderon, and many more. It is just a great soundtrack with some good jams.

Biggest Let Down of the Year. The Nominees are, After Earth, The Conselor, Paranioa, Gangster Squad, and A Good DayTo Die Hard. To be a true let down, I have looked for movies I was initially very excited for. We’ll look at A good day to die hard. How hard is it to not screw up Die hard?! ITS FREAKING DIE HARD! One of my favorite franchises of all time! DIE HARD! And Yet Bruce Willis phoned it in and we were given not even a decentgeneric action flick. A plot hole filled weak film. And Paranioa, two more phoned in performances, this time by the great Harrison Ford and Gary Oldman. Thors little brother was decent enough, but not really someone you want in a lead role. Gangster Squad is hard to explain why it let me down. It was just a weak story. And Ryan Gosslings character was annoying as hell. Not much I can say about The COunsalor, I walked out and hour into it. Stale and insanely borng. And After Earth, wow. Once again, it ened up being a film where the director,takes all the charisma and likeability out of will Smith, andthen tries to force us to like his son. Who was a whiny little kid all film long. So what was the Biggest Let Down? I got to give it to A Good Day To Die Hard. I mean I was really excited, as I always am, for the next installment of Die Hard, but I was a given crap. Hopefully the alleged Die Hardest will bring us back to the top.

Part 2 of my 2013 movie awards will debut tomorrow before the Oscars go live.