Robocop Review

So as a child I was a huge fan of the Robocop franchise. I own all three films, yes even the sequel and the even worse threequel. I watched the live action show, had the action figures. Loved it. When I heard about the reboot I was very excited. I felt that this franchise was primed for a modern telling. That it could really benefit from today’s graphics and technology.  But then the casting rumors and announcements came, then the production problems, then the set photos, then the pushbacks, it all looked to point in one direction, GARBAGE! So when we were finally treated to a trailer, I had thought maybe this will renew my faith. Nope. I was wrong, I was even more let down. So when I sat down in the theater I wasn’t expecting much, but I promised I would give it a shot with an open mind. Whelp. Let me tell you, how wrong I was! Robocop is the year’s first blockbuster! Jose Padilha brings us an amazing retelling of the Robocop origin then blends action and questions of where our technology can take us with a little dash of human drama.  Now the purist will probably say “Oh My God, that’s not exactly how it originally happened, this movie loses its credibility!” and yes the story is a big departure from its 1987 counterpart. I would call it a true REBOOT rather than a REMAKE! The film makes a few changes to the  original story that in my opinion definatly work. Due to the PG-13 rating Detective Alex Murphy brutal death that we all remember is swapped out for a critical condition after a car bomb. While the film lacks in the blood and gore that the original gave us, it didn’t really miss it. Detective Murphy is aware that he is who he is after the accident, and has to come to terms with what his life has become. Then due to tinkering he eventually becomes the Robocop that we know with his humanity being wiped and begins the struggle to find himself. The cast is strong, Joel Kinnaman is our title character, and he plays the part well. He has charisma as Alex Murphy and a strong presence as Robocop. Gary Oldman and Michael Keaton steal the show as par normal. The two when on screen together are phenomenal in their banter and dialog. Keaton plays the sleazy owner of OmniCorp and pulls off the sleazy business man well, and Oldman adds heart to the company and compassion. Samuel L Jackson is always commanding when on screen. Jay Baruchel has a small part that is fun, and Aimee Garcia from George Lopez shows up! That made me smile. However the film wasn’t all amazing.  The use of shaky came during the action scenes always lets me down, and Abbie Cornish and John Paul Ruttan as Alex Murphy’s wife and son respectively, are about as charismatic as a blade of grass. The special Effect are strong at times, but then there is times you say to yourself, “Hey look, a green screen shot”. However when it’s all said and done, Robocop is a fun film, that I’m going to give a Jeebus of 4, A Good Time at the Theater!

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