Month: January 2014

The Ratings System

Ok, so just to give you a heads up before everything takes off. When reviewing movies I will be grading them on the Jeebus system. Looking at 1 point for Acting, 1 point for Entertainment Value, 1 point for Story, half a point for dialog, half a point for Direction, 1 point for Special Effects or cinematography, 1 point for casting, and half a point for a bonus. Anything that get .9 or below will be given Death Penalty to All Involved. 1-1.9 will receive You’ll see this on FX a lot. 2-2.9 gets Wait for Redbox or Netflix. 3-3.9 receives Check out the matinee! 4-4.9 A good time at the theater! 5-5.9 is Multiple viewings required! And 6 and above is, JEEBUS-TACULAR!